Saturday, November 12, 2011

~New Moon~

aslmkm and hai..first of all it is nothing to do with twilight saga or vampire not their fan at all...actly this was more exciting than those unreal movies...its to say...entering a new life..not really ...experiencing a better life? erkkk im not sure yet...ok lets cut it short...i am involving in MLM bznz...xpnh pk or terpikir pun sebelum ni but its true...i've joined it fullstop heheheh...well so far its ok n hoping for better (read=money) in the future...hehe..this is kind of usaha also...nk duit lebih of coz kne cari kne usaha...kalo xusaha duit xkn dtg dari langit segedebok cm tu je ats u wokeyy! berdoa minta pada tuhan and usaha penting sgt...alhamdulillah kalo ini blh mendatangkan rezeki yg baik im so pleaseee to accept it...for all the hardships in terms of money tht i've suffered before ..(wahhh cm teruk sgtkn aytnye hehe)...i thnk now i can see the 'light' already...alhamdulillah 1 per satu ALLAH bukak jalan utk kita...syukur sgt3..

Btw, i will post about my it i mean the bznz later..coz now im already sleepy..nite =)

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