Friday, October 7, 2011

~Bajet 2012~

salam (read= asslammualaikum) and hi to all readers..

It is a busy week for me ...last weekend i went to penang and last thursday (yesterday) i went up north again to kulim.... north-en journey on oct i guess =)... today i supposed to go for a job interview at bukit beruntung but i've shifted the day to monday because im not 'well' prepared ...i donno wht is my intention for that interview coz i have another job bonding with my RA company...xpela pergi utk pengalaman xsemestinya dpt job 2 kn... and today is the announcement of 2012 budget...and yessss my budget of 2012 also is a 'nightmare' far xd org mengamuk lg or xpuas ht dgn belanjawan 2012...xsabar nk beli paper esok and nk baca any good news for me...(harap2 la terselit sket utk i kn) wht i mean of nightmare is budget utk 'event' yg insyaallah kalo diizankan tuhan akn berlaku pada thun depan...pnjg umur ade jodoh murah rezeki...smpaila kot wktunya tu...INSYAALLAH =)

Next week pun ade small event ..event ape?tggu i post nnt doakan sumenye selamat n diredhai allah ye...ameen...


  1. waaaa~ reading this makes me nak tunang and kahwin cepat2 juga >_< sangat stress setiap kali fikir pasal ni. looking forward to attend your wedding :D

  2. ryn OMG! i just read ur comment...nmpk sgt dh bersawang kan blog i hahaha pls do so ryn cpt2 kawen!!tunang xpyh pun xpe