Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy New Year 2011 =)

salam and happy new year to all readers....may this new year brings a lot more fun, happiness, health and wealth...ameen...well as muslims we were already celebrating new year 'awal muharram' and i think our new year begins earlier ha? =) but, no problem we also can celebrating this 'org putih' new harm..=p mesti ramai yang xdduk umah kt last nite ..i mean 31 dec 2010...kebetulan plk malaysia dpt free holiday sbb team bola sepak malaysia menang!!! goal!!!!....sebelum ni i xpnh follow any match yg mlysia main this year oops silap..last year ter'follow' secara kebetulan 1st match mlysia-indon 2 i tgk with mek and wahida kt kdai mkn named..warung mydin near equine park....cute sgt bile we all tpuk tgn serentak ms team m'sia bg goal! haha..then 2nd match tu suppose we want to celebrate wahida's birthday ..kt alamanda je pun..celebrate with tgk wyg 'hantu kak limah blk kg/blk umah' i donno which 1 is correct=P tp g karoake je sekejap ..pastu birthday gurl yg 'hntu' bola ni ajk tgk bola kt foodcourt alamanda tu...nasib baik la die bday girl so i n mek ikutkan aje...yang klakar tu we all xphm the match smpaila tmt masa permainan.. i call nas tnya ' knapa m'sia mng pdhal indon dpt 2 goal?' hihi rpenye ad mata tkmpul la plk...haish ap2 jela...then pg khamis br tau jumaat cuti!!! yeay!! last day of 2010 was soooo....erm wht to say ek...funny kot! hehehe....i kua lunch with him n igtkan lps tu die nk ajk g kl la kot pusing2 xshopping pun xpe tgk2 je ..(yeke ??) then die ajk g alamanda tgk lg...sjk stay kt area cni alamanda tu dh mcm 'kdai runcit' sbb asyik je ke alamanda pun alamanda la...smpai GSC...Q sgt la pnjg ..oh ye ktorg nk tgk cte the tourist starring by angelina jolie n johny depp....sume time full exept for midnite...nk xnk tpksa amk jgk ...seriusly i xpnh tgk midnite...n that was my 1st time on last day of x?hihi since we all smpai sna around 4 so igtkan nk blk dulu then dtg nope!we all stayed there till midnite huhuhu plg lm i di 'kdai runcit' itu...we all g karoake jgk...hahah lwk bende ni sgt2 jrg we all buat sbb dia tu malu la apla ...actly i pun malu jgk ..=p tp nk wt ape lg kt sna melalak la kami selam hmpir sejam .....oh ya i would like to give 4 out of 5 stars to 'the tourist' sbb cte die best!! and venice is simply ... undescribe with words...subhanallah cantik n cozy giler!!! dress yg angelina jolie pkai pun sgt2la cantik!! jeles i tau! overall i end up my 2010 with big smile on my face....thts good ha?wlpun mcm2 jd dlm thn tu tp akhirnya dengan tenang n senyuman...thumbs up! i hope dat 2011 will give me new strength for me to tackle all problems and im waiting for more excitement! :) weee!! my labworks? pls finish all b4 july ok! its a command! hv a nice day ahead in 2011 peeps! daaa....

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