Friday, December 24, 2010

first step above all steps...

:D actly today is a horror day.... everything blown out! dis is not my point of posting this entry.. had some stu**d conversation with someone who i aimed to shoot for long time!argghh let it akn sedar kbaikan org lain bile dh xdekat kn?................................................................. the first step (entry title) was dat i brought him back to my home to see my family not merisik its the first step first ever step b4 everything ..actly i need to do all dis b4 we come to 6years relationship but......myb not the rite since die dh keje so i berani la sket bwk die blk just to knl2 my fmly help him mix around with my family and i thnk its very important b4 we plan to get married tp pnyela ssh jgk nk make it happen i solat hajat siap huhu itu satu usaha jgk kn?...alhmdulliah sumenya bejalan lncar wlpun ade some unexpected things happend but everythings goes smoothly...nk tgelak bile dia siap bg bznz card die kt abh i...hahah die igt jmpe client ap...bile die blk i tnya mama...but her answer was does not make me feel confident n i tnya lg.. "mama tgk die mcm mane?" "baikla bdknye sopan..kwn2 la dlu" mmgla kwn dh nk msk 6thn dh pun..for me dat jwpn is gud enuf means dat physically she accept him n slowly she will like me ...dlu pun opah act like dat jgk but lm2 bile dh slalu jmpe baik sgtla plk..siap gne gelas kristal for him haha mcm klakar je but its reality..abh pun mcm ok je n hopefully sume fmly members i blh terima die...n for his family dieorg mmg sgt 'cool'..i loike!...mak die pun ok sgt baik ngn i hrp2 blh ngam n baik smpai bile2 mcm mak sndiri...i slalu igtkn diri i kt nk kwen ngn ank org kne pndai n hormat keluarga die..n he also told me the same thing ..plan for anything in the mean time? i thnk its not possible due to his work n my study...plg2 pun let me finish my labworks first n bg die ms utk kmpul duit..sgt2 penting...kalo blh xnk myshkan fmly too much tp kalo dieorg nk bg i amk heheh..insyaallah kalo ad jdoh xkemana.. :D

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