Friday, October 22, 2010

work loads...

pheww..wht a tiring day...from 10am to 530 duk godek mesin rheostress tu smpai naik stress jdnye..but lega jgk rs sbb one of the analysis dh dpt buat alhmdulilah :) today i xsempat nk lunch ok! nsb baik pg td sempat melantak spagetthi which i cooked nite before..pkl1lbh still xberbunyi lg perut ni pkl2 dh mule krekk krokkk (perut berbunyi :p) but still cannot go anywhere benda alah 2 kne tggu xblh g mn2 krg dh siap kne ltk smpel len plk plus lab assistant xd g mkn..jeles i..nk xnk knela tggu...btw thnks to amri sbb tlg i td :D he's my labmate..i asked him to take care the rheostress for awhile since i need to mince my raw smpel...nsb baik amri ni baik ht mau jgk tlg terkejar2 jgkla nsb kt bwh je mincer to ..lupe nk amk pic mincer 2 blh share ngn uols kn bkn sng nk operate mincer slalu kt beli minced meat je kn?! :D hmmmm...tomorrow which is saturday i kne g lab lgi huuhu wht to do keje byk xsiap lg nnt prof mngamuk cucah.....!! lgpun next week my glamourous opah will come..yahooooo! nk g jln TAR..bestnye hopefully dh dpt gaji time 2 boleh la beli kebaya nyonya hihihi..wonder y some people hate to go ap sna (",)..

dh lm nk beli kbya nyonya ni tp xdpt2 nk colour mcm ni or something like peach!

since i went to the lab on weekends..nnt msti one of the weekdays i akn rs sgt xbersemangat ..mule la wt cuti sendiri mcm this week i half day on monday n 'on leave' on wednesday..boleh??ish kalo prof tau mesti die thn gaji i huhu tp bile pk2 blk i dtg weekend ap so logikla kn kdg2 rs nk wt something yg 'menarik' besides shopping eg. wt manicure padicure , go for holiday, go to spa or facial., hair treatment ke..

bestnye kalo dpt urut n relax mcm ni :D

i loveee pampering myself at those places ..yup!kind of costly tp i enjoyed very much! but dis week mcm xsmpt je nk tunaikan hajat infact nk g alamanda utk blikan dcm 'big alarm' pon xsempat huhu i hope i can make it on this weekend..sometimes we need to relieve our stress n dont let th stress over you!kalo x jd cm ni..
dont ever get stressed up!a reminder to me as well

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