Thursday, October 28, 2010

health & beauty have to go together

salam to all..nothing much to share but as i never published any post on health and beauty so this is the first entry related to that topic :) well, im not too obsessed in controlling my everyday diet..mane sedap belasah je tp berpada-pada la kalo x ape gne nye jd food technologist! :P im very poor in consistency of taking supplement beli mcm2 vitamin ..vit C la vit E la vitamin for skin la haih mcm2 tp ad yg xabes mkn n mcm dh deteriorate last2 buang je dlm tong b4 rya this year i think in ramadhan kot i started to take EPO (evenning primrose oil supplement) dlu time matrik ad mkn tp sekejap je..skrg ni brla nk smbung blk n i realized tht it works! want to know the benifits??read this:

dlu i mkn EPO brand ni tp skrg dh tukar brand safwa health more reliable i guess

besides taking supplement physically pon kt kne la jga kn..entah kenape lately mcm sgt concern nk jga kulit bukan kulit muka badan pon huhu ..i hit bodyshop and this is wht i bought:-

spa wisdom africa ximena & marula oil shower and shea cream butter & sesame oil body balm

* * * * * * tu pun promoter 2 soh beli body scrub die ckp "bgs ni dik , adik blh nmpk kesannye ..parut pon blh hlg' menarik sgt bunyinye tp tggu la nextmont ke ek sbb kt kne budget jgk huhu.....mmg sgtla byk product kt lua sna 2 xtau mn 1 yg bagus org kata yg natural itu yang paling bagus so we go for environmental friendly yet body and skin friendly too :D so target for this month mcm dh fullfill target for next month pulak is.....................wait for the next entry hehehe..

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