Tuesday, July 17, 2012

~ Wedding shoes~

Hi readers...i know there are readers aren't they?in fact, internet is world wide hehehehe....dh lm x strory2 pasal wedding kn...harini rs nk cte pasal wedding shoes....well, i tempah my wedding shoe kt absolutelygorgeous by amy....u can search for the FB page with that name.....i found out from fb jgk i rs ...cant remember......she doing a custom made shoes...die akan ukur kaki kt ..not using measurement tape tp by sketching our foot .....hahah pelik tp benar...so hopefully bile pakai nnt kasut 2 sgt ngam dgn kaki kt ....as u all dh tau my dress would be something cm turquoise or tiffany blue kan.....so at first pk jgk nak wt kaler ape ..kalo turqoise nnt lps kahwin kne pkai ngn baju turqoise jgk la kn.....memandangkan nk worth buying so i choose silver so tht blh pkai bile2 .....price die ermmm xmurah xmahal sesuaila ngn nama 'custom made shoe' yg penting selesa n cantik n kt confident when wearing it kan? =)

untuk nikah i sewa je at first nk beli ,,,tp nk jimat pnye pasal i sewa kt my bridal nnt ...nasib die ade kasut putih....so far byk dh yg siap tgl doorgift je .....hrp2 sume akan siap i mean ready awal...so i can relax a bit ....