Saturday, September 17, 2011

~Beutiful Glowing Skin~


every women desired to hv a beautiful radiant skin and so do I..well beautiful skin may be inherited sometimes but in many cases it influenced by other factors especially food tht we eat, environment, stresses, hormonal changes, infections or illness and etc...ALLAH had gave us perfect skin condition when we were small but however as time goes on the beauty may fade away..

i dont hv a perfect radiant skin..several years ago i had a bad skin condition which alwys made me crying alone and lockup myself in the room when someones coming to my house..i refused not to look at the mirror because im afraid i might get downnnn by looking at my face...untill my skin became worst yet everyone noticed one time i felt like going to hv a facial grandmother said i might be suffered from resdung so i guessed resdung facial treatment can solve my i went for the first facial ever using Malaysian product calledCleopatra ... mule2 terasa amat2 pedih n sakit kt muka..maybe sbb die picit sume je
rawat and the astringent that they used was the strong mcm xnk dh wt facial tp nk cntik
pnye pasal so tahan jela...

Alhmdullilah i can see the improvement after several months i used the Cleopatra regime..However, after about a year and a half (something like dat xigt) acne n pimples crushed on my face again..masa tu produk2 m'sia ni tgh pesat membangun mcm natasya, novelle visage, and mcm2 lg...again i try another new product Natural ape nth..xingat dh pun xjadi jgk n yg menyedihkan its mahal..siap mntk tolong pakcik pos ke bintulu sbb masa tu study kt sna...then bile blk ke semenanjung after my degree try pulak novelle visage ...

Lepas 2 mmg tobat (read=taubat) dh nk gne produk2 Malaysia yg actually dtg from the same factory but di letakkan nama yg berlainan..the ingredient pun kt xtau ap..masyaallah i dh menjahanamkan muke i sbnrnye...i yes i do took supplement d navechee...makan je seminggu segala tok nenek jerawat kluar myb membuang segala toksin yg ade kot tp of course it makes my problem worst.. but luckily my acne leave only dark scares x berlubang kalo berlubang myb dh mcm kawah bulan dh kot muke i skrg..huhuhu

Then rs nk try product which has good rating in magazines like Vichy Normaderm few months of using it..i noticed a positive changes on my skin ..but after the 'few months' looks like it is not suitable to my makes my skin drier and flaky and prone to acne..i kept on surveying of the suitable product which can erase my acne and scares

on my face...luckily i found my 'best friend' until now which is Dermalogica Alhmdulillah skrg my skin problem was not as terrible as before..although silap2 hari bulan acne and pimples appeared but not as critical as before..

But i think the problems not only being solved by using the products but also by taking plenty and plenty and plenty of water, eat more fruit and veges, exercising (which im seldomly do), and control ur inner-self like stresses and etc.. for dermalogica i've tried 6 ranges of product and nnt nk tmbh 1 mmg a bit mahal la for not rich people like me..beli pun time tgh ade duit lps tu 'puasa' huhu.. im satisfied of this product but im still trying to make my face/skin condition maintained all the time..haihhhh ssh btl ..THANKFUL TO ALLAH sbb mendengar permintaan hambanya yg sgt lemah ini...huhu..

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