Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~ many things in my HEAD!~

fuhhh...lps satu satu masalah dtg ..bak kata org ...masalah datang silih berganti..huhuh i know everything from ALLAH as his servant we hv to accept and redha..with anything and everything happened to us...ok fyi this july is the last month i will received my o-so-called salary..huhuhu kenapa?sbb grf grant research fellowship dh abs..dieorg bg for 2 years only ..and yes its almost 2 years im doing master here in upm...oh im not so proud of it!! seriously i felt terrible bcause of it...selalunya if student extend for another 1, 2 or 3 semester they can hv allowance monthly using the supervisor's grant ...BUT unfortunately for my case i cant because...the grant is OVER....!!! pity me huhuhu ;(

makanya...i will not hv any income from august, sept,oct till i get my permanent job ..dh xtau nk wt pe ....yg penting kne pindah dduk kolej sbb nk jmtkan kos..masyaallah fenin la ana i list down perkara-perkara yg patut i buat utk jmtkan kos:

1. Pindah rumah..(sedih :( )
2. Jgn mkn best2
3. Jgn masuk kedai baju best2
4. Jgn masuk restaurant best2 (OMG!!!)
7.JIMATTTTT!!!! so sad....

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