Monday, May 30, 2011

~ Feeling'less' syndrome~

assalammualaikum..hv u guys ever come to this situation? feeling'less' or if translated to malay it will be 'tiada perasaan' not dat u r being selfish but it is a weird feeling... no taste at all..u feel want to get mad but u r not..feel want to cry but no tears came out ..ha itula yg di manakan oleh sy feeling'less' huuuu..i donno wht happened to me..maybe stresses make me feel at this point...sgt byk mslh yg belaku especially in my labworks..tgh2 gne mesin tb2 plk rosak..then mslh dgn staff yg mcm 'tuttt' iee so annoying la their attitude tp ap blh wt just be patient ...and tetiba my opah plk msk ward sbb ade lung infection so i hv to go back to ipoh every weekend since last week actualy schedule dh siap dh utk weekend tp tpksa la adjust sbb nk blk kg ...MAN!! i am so ...hmm xtau nk ckp ape mungkin ini ialh balasan dari dosa-dosa silam who knows wht is the best for u but HE knows everything i just pray and try to cool down...insyaallah better future for me huhuhu i really hope so....

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