Friday, January 21, 2011

ngidam mkn masam2...dah kenapa???

salam..n morning...last thursday was a public holiday...thaipussam..wonder y is it called 'thai'pussam...its for indian rite?shud be indiapussam ..kikiki.....just an intro..i dont know y n of course 120% positive dat im not pregnat! xknla time ovuation pon blh ngidam2 eh3...polik bonar! satu hari tu cukai 'noodles in tomyam kung' from SR yg mek order...then laksa...the next day mkn Tomyam..bihun tomyam yg sggt sdp kt seksyen 16 @1 bbb...pastu rs nk mkn tempoyak plk dh...nsb la my uncle's restaurant "ipoh station antique cafe" mmg ade gulai tempoyak ari2...

licin!! sedap sgt!

tempoyak consider as masam kn? wahh happy sggh sy sbb dpt mkn sume bende yg diidam2kan alhmdllh...sbb ad org yg xdpt mkn lnsg...subhanallah...i really thnk God for giving me this kind of appetite but somehow we hv to carefully 'use' the appetite ...btw..yup! dat Ipoh station is my uncle's mom's cousin...a relaxing place to dine in n suitable for oldies to flashback their memories..niceee:) he..husband n wife are so die-hard fan of antique collections either from furniture untill a small tiny things like example a lighter..sggup g ronda 1 malaysia utk nego brg2 antik kn? n the very best thing is they always go together.....romantik uols.....!!jeles tau =P click this for more info


tht's my uncle zai and aunty na! of course la yg berbaju melayu merah n berkebaya biru ituw!:D

last week was a week with mek hahah my bff...mn2 tmpt pun g ngn die since die je yg free c wa tu tgh buzy so xpela let her settle keje die dlu then boleh libur2 lg :D.. we went to Nilai 3...wuahahha akhirnya i menapak di sna after few years...i search google map dat morning ...and it showed only 24mins tp weouls 'SESAT' lbh krg 30min jgk br smpai..blk pun sesat jgk haha...jgn ikut lekas higway tau! for me its useless dh la mcm jawoh je n tol pon mhl...iee brengsek! better ikt kl-seremban...sgt cpt! ktorg g nilai just to servey2 je hihihi.....for mek je bukan i but i can servey2 jgk la utk..

.....donno when..

1st wedding center yg weoul msk..nice!

ade byk sgt kdai for wedding accessories kt nilai3 ni...teruja sgt nk msk sume kdai srvey itu ini n from my observation each kdai price not the same and msti ade one shop 1 bende mhl from the other but another thing murah dr the other its like dat..strategy!.. tp bunga pahar die xd 1 pun yg menarik minat i...huhu choosy ha? not to say xcntik tp xkne ngn taste kot ahaks=P for me to save cost mmg wajar or amat wajar kalo kt wt sendiri hntrn beli brg2 sume skali gus i mean for decorations n try wt sndiri sgt jimat! but of coz idea kne ade la and i plan nk try wt 1 set dlu n nk tnjuk kt opah n mama...dieorg xtau i ad bkt tpndm hihihi...

today ..saturday..i just sit at home bcoz im fasting! :) meng'qadha' hutang pada yg MAHA ESA..huhu byk hari lg knela wt sket2 hv a great wiken everyone! thinking of wht to cook today ..hmm..

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